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PAACE Parenting Academy

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FREE dinner every week for 14 weeks!?!?!? That’s right! The PAACE Parenting Academy provides a delicious meal every session! We support our local businesses and bring you the best meals!


The PAACE Parenting Academy serves families with at least one child in the age range 3-12, however, we understand that it can be difficult to attend a class with a little one, so we also provide FREE childcare for our Program participants during sessions for littles 0-2!

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Every family that participates in the PAACE Parenting Academy also receives a free family photo mini session!

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Did you know…… All of the PAACE Parenting Academy Lead trainers have been teaching the Strengthening Families Program for over 15 years!!

New Parenting Academy sessions begin in August!

Call Raquel at (928) 669-0175 to enroll!

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parentingThe PAACE Parenting Academy is a 14-week family communication course that utilizes the scientifically-proven, best practice Strengthening Families Program. Families with children ages 3-12 are offered dinner, transportation and free childcare. PAACE Parenting meets twice annually, in August and in February. For more information or to enroll in the program, call Raquel Reyna at (928) 669-0175.

┬áThe PAACE Parenting Academy is sponsored by the Arizona Parents Commission on Drug Education & Prevention and the Arizona Governor’s Office of Youth, Faith & Family

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